About Us

A Message from the Executive Director

We merely seek equal treatment in court for our clients.  The outcome of a case should not be determined by the ability to afford an attorney.
We ask that our clients get a fair hearing and that the law is correctly applied.
Abuse victims should be free from their abusers.
Parents’ rights should be enforced.
Banks and landlords should follow housing laws, and employers should follow employment laws.

We help people who are:

  • Looking for work and need barriers cleared;
  • Trying to rebuild their credit after falling into debt;
  • Attempting to restore their mortgage;
  • Victimized by abuse or discrimination; and
  • Protecting their children.

If you need legal help in Washington, Greene, Fayette, or Somerset counties, please contact us today.

Brian Gorman, Esq., Executive Director

Our Mission

Improving and stabilizing families, housing, and economic security for low-income and other vulnerable southwestern Pennsylvania residents with legal advice and representation.

Our Staff

Greene County Staff